Tin Acres Quarter Horse Farm and Home on the Range B & B Horse Hotel, rated best bed and breakfast in the midwest, the Midwest Horse Hilton for horse and rider.  Authentic midwestern cuisine, comfortable suites, private bath, entrance and patio, Jacuzzi and more.  Our 185-acre facility includes heated barn, indoor and outdoor riding arenas, stalls, pens and wash bay, camper hookups, trailer parking available, large turnaround area.  Located in Colby, KS.  Horse services include breeding, foaling, complete artificial insemination vet lab, and product  line of Buckeye nutritional feeds and Swift Pick Shavings, horse bedding.

Midwest hospitality for horses and people too!

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We are distributors for Guardian horse bedding and also Buckeye Feeds.

The Latest Technology in Equine Nutrition Management

Buckeye Nutrition

Founded in 1910, Buckeye Nutrition continues to be the leader in animal nutrition. Our "Team" approach - providing our customers with the highest-quality products for their animals - is legendary. We continue this Team concept in our new line of Formula Premium Horse Feeds. We are combining our professional nutritional staff with veterinary, farrier and trainer expertise, to give our customers the best, most innovative approach to equine nutrition management.

This team can help you prepare for the next World Championship Show, or a trail ride. All with full confidence that you have fed your horse with the best nutritional technology available. Whatever your need may be, Buckeye Formula Premium Horse Feeds will match a professional nutrition program to your lifestyle and your horse's activity level.

Buckeye products    
  • A no-corn formula
  • Beet pulp and oat based
  • Added oil, for improved haircoat and help in maintaining consistent energy levels
  • Yeast cultures, to promote gut function and improved digestion
  • Chelated minerals, for stronger muscles and bones
  • Heat-processed grains, to help destroy the protoza which may be linked to EPM
  • Easy to feed, designed to streamline your management


Swift Pick Shavings™

Swift Pick Easy Balance Bag
In our exclusive Easy Balance Bag!

This high quality pine fiber will outperform any shavings product on the market today. Swift Pick is specifically textured to be easy to sift, easy to pick, and substantially more absorbent than traditional shavings. The wet spot will actually clump. Consistency is critical. You will receive the same high quality bedding every time!

Reduce your disposal: Our fine texture is so easy to pick and sift, you simply throw less bedding away. Several counties and states already impose limits on disposal volumes relative to property size. This type of legislation is being proposed all around the country. By reducing the disposal of bedding material, composting becomes much more efficient. Our bedding products will help you comply with future disposal ordinances. Reducing your disposal is obviously favorable over reducing your herd. (For more compost information please visit the o2compost.com website.)

Dust extraction and aspiration assures a low dust environment. Our manufacturing process controls the particle size. Our fiber texture stands up under the weight of the horse. The dust extraction process removes the small airborn particles that can be dangerous to the respiratory system of the horse.

The white pine fiber of our raw material is an aesthetic bonus. Packaged in our exclusive, revolutionary new package design, our easy balance bag is easy to carry, easy to store. This heavy duty plastic bag contains 35 pounds/ 3.5 cubic feet of high quality pine fiber.


Underwood Horse Medicine - Family Secret Proven Remedy, passed down for generations
from father to son for over 60 years

Topical wound spray for minor and major cuts, punctures, rips and tears of flesh

Underwood Horse Medicine      
    Our product has been tested and used by:
  • Breeders of World Champions
  • Equine Specialists
  • NCHA Champion
  • IPRA World Champion
  • WPRA World Champion
  • APHA Halter World Champion

    Key Benefits:
  • Extraordinarily Fast Healing
  • Saves Money
  • Time Saving
  • Easy to Use
  • Versatile

This product has saved so many horses!   It's simply wonderful.

- it's actually terrific for people too - like people with diabetes and poor circulation;

- it can heal ringworm, fungus, itch, poison ivy - all kinds of wounds.

We are currently using it on a 5 week old filly and she is doing great after only 3 days!  It is truly amazing stuff!
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To know more about these great products contact us and we will be glad to assist you.

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